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Women Hair Transplant

Women Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant is the most common procedure performed on patients to overcome their hair problems.

Although baldness is more in men, it is also being increasingly adopted by female patients.

In fact, according to research, it has been observed that women often face severe psychological problems; Such as a feeling of inadequacy in a social domain, attempts to hide thin locks and bald patches, and many women are unable to accept the condition of their hair loss.

Hair transplantation is a powerful treatment that helps in balancing people and has a positive effect on every part of their life.

Causes of Female pattern hair loss

Female pattern hair loss is called androgenic alopecia, the most widely recognized cause for female pattern baldness are.

  •  A hereditary inclination for baldness

  •  Autoimmune diseases

  • Changes in hormone levels

  •  Medicine

  •  Menopause

  •  Pregnancy

  •  Extreme Pressure

  •  Crash due to high food intake / quick weight loss

  •  Iron deficiency

Note: Before suggesting any treatment for women, attention needs to be paid to their balance and causes.

Women Hair transplant options

For the treatment of hair loss in women, the analysis should be given by a specific expert. Furthermore, if the condition of female pattern baldness is unstable or dynamic, then it will be useful to decide which is the best treatment for her.

Before considering a hair transplant, the female patient is examined by a doctor to balance her curable diseases. So that the surgeon can limit the correct assessment of hair to determine the area and level of hair loss.

However, women's hair transplant options are comparable to males patterned hair loss. Therefore,The specialist can choose either follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) to achieve ideal results. Likewise, experts may also choose to carefully remove hair before using therapeutic drugs carefully.

Best Hair Transplant for Women

Although some of the core principles are similar and while processing the best hair transplant for women, it is more important to take care of their special cases.

Women are not required to completely shave their heads before their hair transplant procedure.

First, a small window is made behind your head as a cutting surface; only this area is shaved by your surgeon, and the rest of the hair help hide the shaved area, no one will know that you have undergone any hair transplant procedure.

After that, the patient is directed to nearby anesthetics with a needle-free and painless jet injector, the follicular units are implanted to a width of 0.6–2.8 mm using thin hollow needles with the guidance of a micro-motor.a

Next, the hair follicles are implanted one by one into the incisions of the recipient site, which are made by analyzing the direction and angle of your hair growth.

The hair replacement for women procedure is driven by the use of smooth and sharp sapphire blades.