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Auroplasty in India

How does ear lobe split?

Split ear lobe happens because of continuously wearing heavy earrings that lead to a widening of piercing hole. Also, people who do not have an ear pierced, when they wear clip-on earrings that are too tight that it restricts blood flow of the ear lobe, leading to necrosis of part of the ear lobe, causing to split of the ear lobe.

Sometimes, some ear holes are purposely stretched to accommodate large gauge earrings, leading to split ear lobes.

How is split ear lobe treated?

The steps included in the split earlobe repair are:

  • Step 1: The plastic surgeon cleans the split area with an antiseptic lotion or cream.

  •  Step 2: Then the area is numbed with local anaesthesia.

  •  Step 3: After that, the small amount of skin around the split or hole is cut out and then re-stitched back together.

What happens after the surgery?

The split ear lobe surgery being quick and fast. You might be asked to go home immediately. Also, depending on the type of suture material being used, you might be asked to visit again for its removal. You might be asked to keep the wound dry for next single or two days. After that daily wound care might be recommended and also applying cream or ointment might be recommended to avoid the risk of infection or scars.

Choosing a surgeon 

To repair the split earlobes, you might choose a surgeon who is a certified plastic surgeon and also has proper experience in doing so. You should openly discuss everything with your surgeon, for instance, your preference of wearing earrings post-surgery so that the doctor can use the proper technique for the same. So, contact Dr. Harkirandeep Singh at Golden Aesthetics to get satisfactory results for your split earlobe repair in India or Auroplasty.